Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seasons Greetings and a Facebook Link

Hello blogging friends.  Hope yall are well and enjoying life, and not running crazy getting ready for Christmas!

Photography is still taking a back seat in my life.  Unfortunately, the few shots I do get aren't good enough to share.  My daughter has a precious new puppy, a cream-colored Golden Retriever.  She's now 4 months old and I've yet to get a decent image of her!    Here are a couple of her when she was younger.  She looks like a pony now!

Meet Opal.  Look at those white eyelashes!

My Daughter Melanie and our friend Alyson (holding Opal)
Alyson is like my fourth child!  She and her family moved back to South Carolina a few years ago but still come back to visit.  Sometimes they stay with my daughter, sometimes they stay with me.  I had the privilege of photographing her daughter's prom pictures back in the spring.  

Looking for pictures of Opal reminded me that my daughter Michelle and her daughter Gigi came for an early Thanksgiving.   (My son-in-law stayed home to take care of the animals and Rea was under the weather so she stayed with him.) None of the dinner pics came out but I did get a good image of Gigi. She's a sweet girl.  Now in the 9th grade, she recently had a role in her school's competition play.  Gigi  plays guitar and sings original compositions as well as cover songs.   She's written and sang several songs for book reports, and last year she did one on the Three Laws of Motion and made a singing video.

Beautiful Gigi

Bill Barber, the blogger to whom I referred yall for orb instructions, in my last post, dropped by my blog and left a link for his orb facebook page.  He thought yall might be interested.  I checked it out and there are some cool orbs. Looking back at that post, I failed to mention his name.  I apologize to Bill if that is bad blog etiquette.

I'll be spending a few days in Marietta with my daughter and her family, then will be back here to spend Christmas with my daughter and her family who live here.   We'll start the celebration of Christ's birth by attending the Christmas Eve service at our church, then spending family time the next day.

May each of you have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.  Will see you again in 2015!    

Till then...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Creating an Orb

Reading a post by my blogging friend Laura Delegal (found here) inspired me to create an orb using Photoshop.  It was easy peasy!

I don't remember who initially shared this link, but it's a fun activity and I encourage you to try it.

Have a wonderful week!

Till next time...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Story of Their Life

Hope y'all are having a wonderful summer.  Can't believe it will soon be over. 

Thought I'd post some portraits I've done recently.  Back in the spring, a family friend who's moved to another state returned to go to the prom with a friend.  She asked me to do the prom pictures.

Her date took us to a private club/camp on Lake James, which served as a beautiful backdrop for prom pics.  Here are a couple.

Then in June, a friend of my granddarling Lo asked me to make some engagement pictures for her.  So, against my best instincts of putting someone's precious memories in my hands, I said yes.

The wedding was to be a traditional Hmong wedding and was scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. this past Saturday, moving at 5:00 p.m. to Hickory which is about 45 miles from our town.

About 11:30 Saturday morning, Lo called and asked if I'd take some pictures of her and her friend in their bridemaid dresses.  And Lo says, "Do I have a story for you!"

So Lo and her friend (they've been best friends since they were infants in Daycare together) dropped by looking just lovely.

They had gotten up at 6:00 a.m. to get ready for the day-long festivities, and at 8:30 a.m. arrived at the bride's home where the wedding was to be held. The chairs in the yard were strewn about, and eventually the bride's dad answered the doorbell.  They went in and folks were everywhere sleeping, but the bride was nowhere in sight.  Laughing as it was really funny, he related to the girls that the wedding had been performed the night before and the bride and groom had returned to South Carolina, but would be in Hickory at 5:00 p.m.  They had been in contact with the bride the previous afternoon, so they had no idea what had happened.  Lo had turned down work for the day, she and her friend had spent hours looking for a dress that would meet the bride's color requirement and their budget, then had to have the dresses altered.

Lo on left, Cat on right

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mundane Faithfulness

Blogging has lost its appeal for me...writing, not reading.  Summer is going well, rain every day.  I've been busy with family and friends.  A couple of weekends ago I actually did some photography for a friend of my granddarling and her fiance.   I'm hoping to finish editing this week.  Unfortunately I was under the weather for a whole week but hope to be back to normal as soon as I take  the last of those nasty antibiotics - only four more days, yay!

Today I want to share with you the blog of a young woman - a wife and mother - who is walking the same path as thousands, probably millions, of others.   She has cancer and is the author of a blog entitled Mundane Faithfulness.   Her words are an inspiration to me. I hope they will be to you.  And I hope you will pray for her and her family as they travel this rough and rocky road, and beyond.  

I still have not mastered blogging protocol.  So instead of pasting her blog here, I'll just link to it:  Mundane Faithfulness.  She also maintains a Facebook page by the same name.

Though not blogging regularly, I do check in every day and enjoy your musings and images.

Wishing you a wonderful summer. 

Till next time...


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