Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mundane Faithfulness

Blogging has lost its appeal for me...writing, not reading.  Summer is going well, rain every day.  I've been busy with family and friends.  A couple of weekends ago I actually did some photography for a friend of my granddarling and her fiance.   I'm hoping to finish editing this week.  Unfortunately I was under the weather for a whole week but hope to be back to normal as soon as I take  the last of those nasty antibiotics - only four more days, yay!

Today I want to share with you the blog of a young woman - a wife and mother - who is walking the same path as thousands, probably millions, of others.   She has cancer and is the author of a blog entitled Mundane Faithfulness.   Her words are an inspiration to me. I hope they will be to you.  And I hope you will pray for her and her family as they travel this rough and rocky road, and beyond.  

I still have not mastered blogging protocol.  So instead of pasting her blog here, I'll just link to it:  Mundane Faithfulness.  She also maintains a Facebook page by the same name.

Though not blogging regularly, I do check in every day and enjoy your musings and images.

Wishing you a wonderful summer. 

Till next time...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Spring

Happy Spring, yall!  Hope it came and stayed at your home.  Here, spring is bouncing all over the place - warm for a few days, then cold again.

This week is spring break for the schools here as well as the schools in Marietta, GA, where my youngest daughter and her family live.  Saturday, she and the girls arrived for three days of fun.

My daughter here  took the week off to spend with her son, so they joined in the family fun.  Even Lo came home from college on Saturday to see her aunt and cousins.

After supper on Saturday, this Nonnie loaded up the granddarlings for a trip to Jack Frost Dairy Bar.  No trip to Marion this time of year would be complete without experiencing the sweet delights of this family business!

We ate lunch at Fatz on Sunday; afterwards I took a picture of the four grands.  Not sure what's going on with my camera, but I was very disappointed in the picture.  (I experienced the same disappointment when photographing them yesterday, though the butterfly pics turned out okay.  Could it be the photographer?)!

Cousins - 2014
Cousins - 2011
Sunday afternoon, I took Mo, Rea and GiGi to see the Muppet movie while their mothers drove Lo back to App State at  Boone.  Yesterday, Aunt Melanie took the Georgia nieces for horseback lessons and a trail ride; then they all went to the movies again.

I stayed home to clean, but instead spent a couple of hours playing with the newly born (?) Swallowtail butterfly Mo found.  He put it on the lawn and it crawled up on a branch that was on the concrete driveway.   I moved the branch to the deck table to more easily photography it.  Whenever the branch moved, the butterfly would spread its wings, then settle down.   After about 3-1/2 hours, the butterfly flew away; thankfully I didn't have to rustle it up any grub!

The house is now quiet, with only the echos of sweet voices and memories of a fun-filled few days!  Speaking of sweet memories, I forgot to tell you about the rocky start of our visit.  NO ONE could connect to my wireless router.  A visit without electronics would not be acceptable,  so my daughter set out to rectify the situation.  An hour or so later after doing this and that to the PC, connection still wasn't made.  Finally, the phones connected...then eventually the iPad.  Horrible weekend averted!  This child of mine used to visit to sleep; now she visits to sleep and connect with the outside world!  Is there a 12-step program for this?!

I leave you with one more picture - a sign of the times.

Oh, here's one more:

Hanging with Nonnie Boo

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Cards and Texture Tuesday

Today I'm playing along with Kim Klassen's Free-and-Easy Texture Tuesday.  I'm so happy for Kim.  She and John will be heading home Friday after months of medical treatment for his cancer.

Before Christmas I ordered a new set of photographic greeting cards from White House Custom Color.  Here is one of my new designs.   I used actions from Sarah Gardner and textures from Kim.

I began ordering press-printed note cards from White House Custom Color (WHCC) after my printer died when I couldn't decide which printer to buy.   At that time I was taking a photoshop class from Damien Symonds, which required me to calibrate for a monitor instead of a printer.   So I ordered a calibrator and that settled the printer problem.  (I now wish I'd purchased the dual calibrator model which would allow for both monitor and printer calibration.)

Ordering cards is really not that much more expensive, considering the cost of printer cartridges and paper.   However, the minimum order is 25.  It would be nice to print a card when I needed one.   There are other labs that print smaller amounts, but they use CYMK rather than RGB, which I've been told would make the images muddy.  

Check out the lovely work at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

Till next time... 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Groundhog Day and Texture Tuesday

Happy New Year Blogging Friends.  

Like the groundhog on groundhog day, I've come to life - if only for a day.  The image of the Peony is from the archives and is textured with Kim Klassen's WarmSun and YesterYear, as well as a couple of textures from another artist.

Today I'm joining up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  It's been a while since I've posted an image, but I look at blog posts even if not actively blogging. 

My new year is off to a wonderful start.  I am now a septuagenarian, which really doesn't hurt much and can provide a needed excuse now and then.  My health is excellent, and my quest for youth continues with my consistent workouts at the beautiful YMCA in my town.  My blood boils when I hear folks in the news media refer to people in their seventies as "elderly."

I spent Christmas here with my daughter and her two kids and New Year's with my Marietta daughter and her family.  My camera was left at home; it was enjoyable to just be and not feel the stress behind the camera.  You know - not enough light; don't want to use a flash (after all I'm a natural light photographer ☺); comb your hair; etc., etc., etc.  Unfortunately, my son spent the holidays alone, as his work schedule didn't allow off time.  Being with him, too, would have put the candle on the cake!

Yes, I know...Groundhog Day is in February...but I feel like the groundhog who emerged looking for his shadow.   Maybe I'll come out of hybernation completely in the spring...til then!


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